State Assembly

End-Of-Life Bill Sneaks Through to Assembly

The End-of-Life Option Act, SB 128, which seemed dead this summer when it failed to exit the California Assembly Health Committee, was resurrected in August with a new name, AB X2-15, and may be passed by the Assembly this week.

Brittany Maynard (Maynard family / Associated Press)

Aid-in-Dying Bill May Fail Due to SoCal Democrat Latinos

California Senate Bill 128, which allows terminally ill people to end their own lives, has looked like a shoo-in for passage, but suddenly some key southern California legislators may stand in the way.

Brittany Maynard (Maynard family / Associated Press)

CA Assembly Committee Votes to Replace Junipero Serra Statue with Sally Ride

On Tuesday, the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media, a California State Assembly committee, approved Senate Joint Resolution 4, a bill endorsing the replacement of the statue of Father Junipero Serra in the National Statuary Hall Collection on Capitol Hill with a statue of astronaut Sally Ride.

Serra Sally Ride (Breitbart / Associated Press)

Democrat Toni Atkins Leads California Trade Mission to Cuba

Following intensive efforts from U.S. President Obama to re-establish relations and the flow of commerce with the communist nation Cuba, nine Democrat California legislators along with academics and state agricultural representatives are making a pilgrimage to the notoriously oppressive nation.

Franklin Reyes/AP