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Flashback: 5 Times Obama Administration Leaked Classified Information

Let us take a look back at five times former President Barack Obama leaked classified information, without a peep of protest from the media that are currently melting down over President Donald Trump’s discussions with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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Israel’s Desert Blooms With Cyber-City Development

TEL AVIV – No other country on earth has successfully integrated private, academic, government and military cyber-expertise as Israel has done in its new cyber-city blossoming in the desert, a new report by the Washington Post claims.

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U.S. Wages Cyber-War Against Islamic State, Braces for Counterattack

One of the missions for U.S. special forces troops deployed against ISIS in Iraq will be gathering intelligence for American cyber-commandos, who are already striking the Islamic State’s computer systems. The Obama administration has warned American utility companies about the danger of cyberattacks against our infrastructure, possibly as a result of hostilities in the Middle East.