Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

Mnuchin: China-U.S. Trade War, Tariffs on ‘Hold’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said a U.S.-China trade war was “on hold” while they continued to negotiate trade “framework.” Mnuchin said “We are putting the trade war on hold. So right now we


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin: Iran Sanctions Begin Now

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said now that President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, the sanctions will begin. Mnuchin said, “We are ready to renegotiate now. I think the president has

Steve Mnuchin

Mnuchin Calls Comparisons to James Bond Villain a ‘Compliment’

On this week’s broadcast of  “Fox News Sunday,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said suggestions the picture of he and his wife holding up newly printed currency with Mnuchin’s signature made them look like James Bond villains was a “compliment.” Mnuchin said, “I never thought I’d be


Mnuchin: No Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Top earners will not see their tax bill fall under the tax plan being worked out by Trump administration and lawmakers, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Tuesday.