System Shock 3 Announced


There is a pervasive air of festivity amongst the members of the Breitbart Tech team. The twisted cybernetic husk of Saint Nicholas has uploaded a happy surprise into the mainframe: System Shock 3 is coming.

OtherSide Entertainment has been pressing their finger to PC gaming’s nostalgia nerve centers since their inception. Not only is OtherSide comprised of many of the developers at the ill-fated Looking Glass Studios, the creators of the original System Shock, founder Paul Neurath was creative director for System Shock 2 — one of the most lauded and beloved PC games of all time.

OtherSide is also working on the revival of cult classic Ultima Underworld, with the new installment Ultima Ascendant nearing its release. A “playground” prototype is going out to select backers of the project just in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, Night Dive Studios has provided “enhanced” editions of both System Shock 1 and 2. Considering that the original is 21 years in the past, an update should provide a much more palatable manner in which to catch yourself up in time for the newest entry.

It won’t be hard to keep you updated on any new information seeping from the cold and unfeeling depths of System Shock 3‘s development. Just like SHODAN, we’ll be watching.

Always watching.

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