University of Arizona Campus Crybullies Demand Racial Quotas, Free Tampons


A group of “marginalised” students at the University of Arizona issued a list of demands to the University administration, including instituting race quotas in university hiring and adding trigger warnings in classes.

The open letter addressed to university staff explained that the students felt that the university failed to “appropriately acknowledge and address the lived experiences of marginalised groups on campus,” claiming that racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry “run rampant,” and wondering “how many New York Times articles have to come out” condemning UoA before action is taken.

Attached to the letter, the general list of demands stated that the university needed a 10 year plan to “increase retention and graduation rates for marginalised students” and create a more inclusive campus environment. Some of the points included: establishing a $500,000 Diversity Initiatives Fund; instituting race quotas in university hiring; adding trigger warnings in classes; giving free pads and tampons to women; “Cultural Competency Training” for everyone.

You can read the whole document here:

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