Milo Discusses ‘Extraordinary Cognitive Dissonance’ of Regressive Left with Adam Carolla


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos stopped by the Adam Carolla show on Wednesday to discuss the myth of societal gender construction, the Dangerous Faggot tour, and liberal crazies.

Adam Carolla is a comedian and personality who has appeared on numerous television shows including Family Guy and MTV’s Loveline. He is considered an outspoken critic of Hollywood’s political homogeneity and has criticized Hollywood leftists for peddling the narrative that “the left [cares], and the right is cold-hearted.”

Yiannopoulos joined Carolla in his studio in Glendale, California on Wednesday, where he talked about the left’s “extraordinary cognitive dissonance.” He asked Carolla to consider the left’s belief that “all gender is socially constructed — that people aren’t born girls and born boys,” which is a controversial position the scientific community. “It’s all socially constructed unless you’re a tranny, and then of course you’ve got a female brain, and if you deny this person is a woman, you are a bigot, and you should be shunned from public life.”

Yiannopoulos argued that the left is not only “capable of holding contradictory beliefs, but contradictory scientific beliefs.” They discussed the left’s inability to refer to science and statistics anywhere outside discussions on climate change. Milo cited the left’s “lack of respect for the scientific method,” arguing that society shouldn’t be shamed into accepting their controversial gender theories (which were born primarily on Tumblr, rather than in medical journals), as fact without proper scientific scrutiny.

Carolla and Yiannopoulos finished off the conversation with a criticism of feminists who accuse the patriarchy of preventing women from getting ahead: “If there is, for instance, a patriarchal conspiracy to keep women down, it’s not doing a very good job. Women are now going to university more than men.”

Tom Ciccotta writes about Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity for Breitbart. You can follow him on Twitter @tciccotta.