Former Gawker Editor Taunts Hulk Hogan: ‘I Do Still Have a Copy of the Sex Tape’

AP Photo/Steve Nesius, Pool/NY Post
AP Photo/Steve Nesius, Pool/NY Post

Former Gawker editor AJ Daulerio expressed desire to post the entire Hulk Hogan sex tape, which he is still in possession of, after Gawker was ordered by the courts to pay $140 million in damages to Hogan for posting a clip from the tape in 2012.

“What I did think initially was that, well, all is lost” said Daulerio about the ruling of Hogan’s lawsuit. “But I do still have a copy of the sex tape.”

“And it is completely newsworthy at this point,” he continued. “I was just like, OK, why don’t I do a post on Ratter that says, ‘Here’s What a $140 Million Sex Tape Looks Like’ and then just — peace out. Go to Miami, and just like be on the lam.”

Daulerio also claimed that he’d purchased burner phones in preparation, before stating “some people talked me off the ledge,” claiming he had abandoned his “revenge fantasy.”

The former Gawker editor, who gave the go-ahead for a Gawker reporter to post Hogan’s sex tape in 2012, came under heavy backlash during a court session in March, when he stated that he’d only draw the line at releasing sex-tapes of those who were four years old or younger.

During a follow-up court session in March, Daulerio was grilled by Hogan’s lawyer, who questioned him about his child pornography claims.

“When you referenced your standard of news-worthiness being a child celebrity of over the age of four, you were joking? Is that what you just said?” Daulerio was asked as he sat in the witness box.

“I did say that,” replied the former Gawker editor.

“Do you think that’s a funny topic to joke about, child pornography?” asked Hogan’s lawyer, Shane Vogt.

“No, not at all,” answered Daulerio.

Daulerio is allegedly “essentially broke” and claims he cannot hire an attorney to file for bankruptcy following the Hogan verdict.

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