Catholic College Praises Anti-Cop ‘Blue Klux Klan’ Student Protest


The campus ministry office at Loyola University Chicago has endorsed an anti-cop student protest group that has compared American police officers to the Ku Klux Klan.

The campus ministry office took to social media to praise the student activists who took part in the protest. The students conducted a “die-in” protest, which consists of students laying on the ground to represent those that have been the victims of police brutality.

“Proud and humbled by the die-in some of our black students did today,” a university official posted on the campus ministry office’s Facebook page. The protest shown in the photos was partially in response to the September 16 police shooting of Terrence McCutcher that took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It included “a walk down Sheridan Road where protestors sat for a moment of silence with fists raised” and the “die-in” protest, which took place in Loyola’s student center.

A member of the protest group claimed that the movement was motivated specifically out of a desire from students “to have a place to talk about the violence that’s been ongoing these past couple years, but more specifically the past two weeks, with the shootings in Missouri and the one in South Carolina.”

One student prepared a sign that read, “Blue Klux Klan.” Another student referenced Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to hire more officers by comparing Chicago cops to pigs: “AmeriKKKa is not welcome #blackoutchi #1000pigs #leavemethefuckalone.”


Although the university doesn’t have an official position on the Black Lives Matter movement, the endorsement of the Campus Ministry office might send the message to some students that administrators favor certain ideologies over others.

In the aftermath of the Ferguson shooting, students at Loyola University Chicago dedicated a week to the debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” slogan that dominated much of the media coverage of the event.

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