Report: Average American Will Experience over 40,000 Bouts of Tech Rage During Lifetime


The average American will suffer over 40,000 bouts of technology rage during their lifetime, according to a new report.

The report, which states that the average American will encounter around two tech problems a day, or 40,800 during their lifetime, also found that half of those studied had shouted at a piece of technology after becoming frustrated.

One in seven have reportedly thrown their cell phone across the room, and 16% were reduced to tears over technology at some point in their life.

A fifth of people reported having arguments with their partner over technology-related problems, while 25% experienced achy muscles and joints due to tech stress.

65% of adults in America also claimed to regularly experience “fury” over unreliable technology, with faulty devices, “slow downloads, pop-ups, and logging in or password problems” being listed as the most frequent problems.

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