Melbourne Screenings of ‘The Red Pill’ Cancelled Following Feminist Petition


Screenings of Cassie Jaye’s documentary The Red Pill have been cancelled at a series of Melbourne cinemas following a feminist petition that branded the film “misogynistic propaganda.”

The MRA documentary, which has recently premiered around the United States, was set to make its Australian debut in November. However, it has been pulled from Palace Cinemas’ venues following the petition that gained just 2,300 signatures.

“[Palace’s] Kino Cinema in Melbourne is scheduled to screen misogynistic propaganda film ‘The Red Pill’ in just over two weeks,” stated the petition created by “Susie Smith” four days ago. “Film-maker Cassie Jaye follows members of online hate-group ‘The Red Pill,’ known to most as the sexist cesspit of the internet. The general plotline goes something like this: ‘feminist’ Jaye decides to investigate rape-culture, opens the first hit on Google (Red Pill) and before she knows it, she has seen the light and converted to ‘meninism.’”

“In a country where one in three women are victims of gender-based violence, it is repulsive to legitimise and promote this behaviour,” Smith continued. “Please do not associate your cinema with the kind of people who teach men how to violate women physically and emotionally. Please stand with the women everywhere, and do not promote misogynistic hate.”

In their letter to the organizers of The Red Pill screening, Palace’s Kino Cinema cited the petition as the reason for cancelling the event, stating, “Although we are yet to see it, we have since become aware of the controversial nature of the documentary.”

“You may be aware of the petition that is currently circulating on asking us to cancel the proposed screening of The Red Pill,” continued the cinema. “The overwhelming number of responses, many from regular Kino customers, has really resonated with us and has led us to reconsider the appropriateness of going ahead with the booking.”

Men’s Rights Melbourne spokesman David Williams said that his group are now looking for another venue to host the screening, adding, “There are too many extreme elements and I try to stay centrist, which is why I was interested in screening this movie.”

A counter petition has since been set up to save the Red Pill screening, which has accumulated nearly 1,000 signatures in just over 12 hours.

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