WATCH: Man Allegedly Catches Cheating Wife with Drone

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A man allegedly caught his wife cheating on him after using his drone to spy on her, posting the drone’s footage to YouTube.

Going under the YouTube name YAOG, the man released footage of the drone’s missions along with commentary detailing the alleged end to their 18-year marriage.

“Recently I found out that my wife’s been cheating on me. Yep, great right?” claimed the man, who appeared teary-eyed in his video. “I caught her meeting a guy only a few blocks from my home, and I got it on video.”

YAOG then pointed out his wife’s alleged usual commute on the drone footage, adding that he “knew something was up” and “started to get a little upset” once he saw her walking a different route.

“Here she is waiting at the intersection, waiting at the lights for what seems like forever, and here she is taking her hair down,” he continued, then pointing out the car of the other man. “If you watch carefully, you’ll be able to see eighteen years go down the fucking drain.”

According to the Daily Mail, some people “were not convinced” of the video’s genuineness, “calling it fake and saying the man is trying to make money from advertising.”

“In past comments posted on Reddit, the man does admit to having several paying YouTube channel which have earned him tens of thousands of dollars in advertising” explained the Daily Mail’s Chris Pleasance. “But he also mentions his wife in past posts, and has used her as a model for several of his videos, meaning the scenario is still plausible.”

The video is the only one upload on YAOG’s account, however he has already accumulated nearly 30,000 subscribers and 4,000,000 views.

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