‘Grindr’ Killer Jailed for Life After Cannibalizing Cop With Chopsticks

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Stefano Brizzi, the fifty-year-old who murdered and cannibalized police officer Gordon Semple after meeting him on the gay dating app Grindr, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Brizzi faces a minimum of 24 years in prison after previously claiming that Satan instructed him to commit the murder.

“Mr Semple was 59-years-old when he died. He was loved by his partner Gary Meeks and his family and friends,” declared Judge Nicholas Hilliard. “No sentence the court can pass can ever equate to the value of a precious human life and no sentence I can pass can begin to undo what you have done.”

DNA found on cooking equipment at Brizzi’s residence also indicated that Brizzi cooked parts of Semple’s body, cannibalizing him with a pair of chopsticks before attempting to dissolve the evidence with acid.

Brizzi was caught by police officers after neighbors reported “the smell of death” nearby. Brizzi asked police officers for a shower after he was caught, stating that his bath had “been unusable for days,” before claiming, “I spoke to Satan and he was telling me to kill, kill, kill and I agreed at the first opportunity.”

“I thought I was getting away with it. All I have left is two buckets’ of PC Semple’s flesh,” Brizzi told police officers after being caught, before stating that he committed the murder because he “just didn’t like” Semple.

When one neighbor knocked on Brizzi’s door to complain about the smell, Brizzi also allegedly claimed that he was “cooking for a friend” before apologizing.

Barrister Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC, who represented Brizzi in court, blamed his actions on a crystal meth addiction, adding that he has “absolutely no recollection” of the events and was “utterly horrified” when he found out.

“The behaviour can only be ascribed to taking of the drug crystal meth,” declared Bennett-Jenkins. “Which, as the court will know, has appalling effects on those who become addicted to it.”

In January, Metro reported that crimes related to Grindr and dating app Tinder had risen by 700% in just two years.


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