‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Players Eulogize Carrie Fisher in Game

Kerry-Aiden Nobbs/YouTube
Kerry-Aiden Nobbs/YouTube

Carrie Fisher is being remembered by players on her character’s ill-fated home planet by players in the Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic.

Carrie Fisher’s passing carried a special sort of sting on the back of a year already crowded with the deaths of many beloved pop culture icons. Social media has been flooded with tributes to the late Princess/General, her friends and colleagues have publicly expressed their grief, and her mother followed her the very next day.

In the massively multiplayer online RPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, players have gathered at House Organa on Princess Leia’s home planet Alderaan in memory of the beloved actress. While the game takes place some 3,500 years before the original trilogy — the only reason Alderaan exists to visit in the first place — players have requested that some sort of memorial to her be added to the game.

Kerry-Aiden Nobbs has created a surprisingly touching video tribute starring an in-game rendition of Princess Leia, showcasing players saying their virtual farewells to one of film’s most beloved women. And while we may or may not see Carrie Fisher as the fearless leader of the Resistance forces again, her memory continues to survive in the hearts of those who grew up admiring her courage both on-screen and off.

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