Netflix Removes Reviews in Favor of ‘Match System’

REUTERS/Mike Blake
REUTERS/Mike Blake

Netflix is removing the ability for users to review titles out of five stars, replacing the system with a “thumbs up, thumbs down” format instead.

“This decision comes after a beta test conducted among several hundred thousand Netflix users saw the percentage of rated titles shoot up a staggering 200 percent,” reported Screen Rant. “In addition to the demise of star ratings, Netflix will also soon begin using a percentage-based matching algorithm to determine which titles a given user is more likely to enjoy, and then bring those titles to the forefront.”

“This will be based not only on user ratings, but on personalized viewing statistics,” they continued. “This set up is the result of studies showing that something a given user rated five stars does not necessarily end up being watched more often by them than something rated slightly less favorably, such as three stars.”

This week, comedian Amy Schumer claimed that her new Netflix special The Leather Special had allegedly been attacked by online “trolls” who gave the title low reviews.

“The alt-right organized trolls attack everything I do. Read the @splitsider article,” claimed Schumer in response to news reports about low reviews for the special. “They organize to get my ratings down. Meeting in Subreddit rooms. They tried on my book and movies and tv show. And I want to thank them.”

“I am only alarmed by the people printing their organized trolling as ‘news.’ [T]his is what the current administration wants,” she continued. “Journalists do better it’s embarrassing.”

In the special, Schumer mocked anti-gun control “gun nuts,” and made several signature jokes about her vagina.

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