Netflix CEO: Net Neutrality Not Important to Us ‘Because We’re Big Enough’ to Get Deals We Want

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings addressed the Trump Administration’s stance against net neutrality on Wednesday, claiming, “It’s not narrowly important to us because we’re big enough to get the deals we want.”

Hastings made his remarks during an interview at the Recode Code Conference, where failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also spoke on stage.

Though Hastings added that Netflix is “weighing in against” the administration’s reversal of net neutrality, he declared that “it’s not our primary battle at this point,” and added that they “don’t have a special vulnerability to it.”

“The Trump FCC is going to unwind the rules no matter what anybody says,” Hasting continued. “We had to carry the water when we were growing up and we were small… Other companies have to be on that leading edge.”

Despite his lack of enthusiasm for the net neutrality campaign, Hastings did claim that it was “important for society.”

“Where net neutrality is really important is the Netflix of 10 years ago,” he declared, conveying that an anti-net neutrality policy would harm smaller websites the most.

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