Left-Wing Journalists, Pundits Celebrate After Tech Giants Censor Infowars

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Leftists across Twitter have been celebrating today following the banning of InfoWars host Alex Jones across multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify.

A number of leftist Twitter users and media figures have taken to the platform following the removal of Alex Jones from a number of online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Apple podcasts and Spotify. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left group that attempts to paint any groups or individuals to the right of center as “right-wing radicals” was quick to celebrate the removal of Jones from multiple online platforms, stating that the company’s decisions should possibly have happened before now.

Actor and comedian Tommy Campbell, best known for his part as a featured extra where he played a character described as “passenger” and spoke a line of dialogue in The Dark Knight, tweeted that Jones was a “scumbag” and “liar”:

Shannon Coulter, the activist behind the boycott group #GrabYourWallet which encourages people not to spend money with companies that in any way facilitate or support conservatives, thanked tech companies for banning Jones:

YouTuber David Pakman also celebrated Jones’ banning from multiple platforms:

Comedian John Fugelsang referred to Jones as a “race-baiting transphobic conspiracy cultist” in another tweet:

BuzzFeed reporter Joe Bernstein encouraged Twitter to follow the suit of their other tech companies

CNN’s Brian Stelter also chimed in on the

Comedienne Chelsea Handler also celebrated Jones’ ban in a tweet which also implied that Jones would receive a job at a major news network or working for the President:

TV producer and author Daniel Abraham claimed that banning Jones was, in fact, an act of free speech:


InfoWars and Alex Jones have both remained trending on Twitter throughout the day. Jones’ Twitter page remains active as of publication and InfoWars has been streaming on the Periscope livestreaming platform.

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