Mark Zuckerberg is seen at the Facebook developer conference in 2010, at a time of rapid growth of the social network

#LogOutFacebook: NAACP Organizes Facebook Boycott

The NAACP organized a boycott of Facebook and Facebook-owned platforms Instagram and WhatsApp, Tuesday, receiving support from Amy Schumer and ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s.

Christian gaming website Christ Centered Gamer attempted to run ads on Facebook which were blocked by the platform.

Facebook Blocks Christmas Ads from ‘Christ Centered Gamer’

Facebook recently refused to run Christ buying guide advertisements from Christian gaming review website “Christ Centered Gamer,” a decision the social media giant told Breitbart News was an “error,” but the company has made no move to reverse the decision and has not contacted Chris Centered Gamer since.

Yair Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Son Temporarily Banned from Facebook

Facebook has blocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair for 24 hours after he wrote a post criticizing the social media platform as “thought police” and sharing previously banned content.

Mark Zuckerberg offered a renewed defense of Facebook's handling of Russian misinformation efforts following a New York Times investigation

Five Revelations from Facebook’s Internal Documents

A group of British MP’s, seemingly upset at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to appear before the U.K. Parliament, have released a cache of seized Facebook documents. Here are five key facts from the documents.