Leaked Video: Google Executives Admit to Importing 10K Foreign Workers to Take U.S. Jobs

Silicon Valley giant Google employs nearly 10,000 foreign workers, importing them to the United States on visas, a newly leaked video obtained by Breitbart News reveals.

The video is a full recording of Google’s first all-hands meeting following the 2016 presidential election in which President Trump historically beat out Democrat Hillary Clinton. These Google meetings occur on a weekly basis and are known inside the company as “TGIF” meetings, short for “Thank God It’s Friday.”

In the Google meeting, Vice President of People Operations Eileen Naughton reveals the extent to which the tech conglomerate has imported and currently employs close to 10,000 foreign workers with plans to expand their foreign workforce population.

Naughton tells the room full of Google employees, who are called “Googlers” by the company:

First and foremost is immigration. We have nearly 10,000 Googlers in the U.S. on visas. Very understandably, those of you who are working here and have families here or are in the process of renewing or getting visas are probably very concerned.

Naughton then explains how President Obama’s administration readily allowed and invited Google and other tech corporations to import foreign workers instead of hiring American citizens.

“So here’s what we know, there is, for the time being, an absent any policy recommendation from the Obama administration, right, there’s no change,” Naughton says. “Googlers should not expect to be hassled, entering the border, there should be no change in your status.”

Google intends on importing to the U.S. and employing even more foreign workers, Naughton discloses:

We also know that the nature of the U.S. immigration system is such that it makes — and there are legal limitations — it makes immediate changes after January’s inauguration of the new administration highly unlikely. But we of course will keep a close watch on this. Our policy office in D.C. is all over it. And we will keep you informed, but we will keep Googlers’ interests at heart and we will of course fight to retain all the visas and then some, because we keep adding to this. [Emphasis added]

Every year, more than 100,000 foreign workers are brought to the U.S. on H-1B visas and are allowed to stay for up to six years. That number has ballooned to potentially hundreds of thousands each year, as universities and non-profits are exempt from the cap. With more foreign workers entering the U.S. through the visa system, Americans are often replaced and forced to train their foreign replacements. In the last decade, more than 2.6 million H-1B foreign workers were approved to take high-paying U.S. jobs.

The Trump administration has sought to clamp down on corporations outsourcing U.S. to cheaper, foreign workers through the H-1B visa. The pro-American reforms to the H-1B visa are expected to open up about 80,000 high-paying, white collar jobs for Americans over the next two years.

Naughton and Senior Vice President for Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker also promoted the corporation’s use of the H-1B visa to import and employ foreign workers, rather than Americans.

“I would believe, being pro-business as a Republican, [Trump] would understand the need of certain sectors to have H-1B visas, etc,” Naughton said.

Walker noted the monolithic, corporate open borders viewpoint among the Republican and Democratic political establishments on the H-1B visa and national immigration policy.

“The other thing to add to that, ever since we’ve been debating immigration reform, there’s been strong bipartisan consensus in both houses of Congress that H-1B visas are a great thing for the United States, as well as for the people that use it,” Walker said. “So I don’t see those majorities changing, in Congress changing.”

This year, alone, Google tried to import more than 5,200 foreign workers to take coveted, high-paying tech jobs in Silicon Valley. This would have added to the already nearly 10,000 foreign workers who are currently employed at Google, as revealed in the leaked video.

Google, along with other tech corporations like Cisco, Microsoft, and Facebook have been exposed for using Indian outsourcing firms like Tata Consulting Services and Infosys to hide the number of H-1B foreign workers they import annually.

Last year, Eric Schmidt — the top executive of Google’s parent company, Alphabet before leaving in January 2018 — said corporations should be allowed to import as many foreign workers as they want, without regard for whether Americans are replaced and displaced in the process.

“The stupidest policy in the entire American political system was the limit on H-1B visas,” Schmidt said at the time.

Analysis conducted last year revealed that despite the growing number of American STEM graduates every year, Americans are vastly outnumbered in Silicon Valley’s tech industry. About 71 percent of tech workers in Silicon Valley are foreign-born, while the tech industry in the San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward area is made up of 50 percent foreign-born tech workers.

In 2017, the Trump administration set up an H-1B visa abuse hotline for American workers to email if they or their coworkers were being replaced by foreign workers. Last year, a total of more than 5,000 cases of H-1B visa abuse was reported.

Four million Americans turn 18 years old every year and begin looking for good jobs in the American economy, or enter higher education with the same goal. For decades, the federal government has inflated the supply of new labor by annually admitting more than 1.5 million new legal immigrants, providing work-permits to roughly 3 million resident foreigners, and by not effectively enforcing national immigration laws to block the employment of about 8 million illegal aliens.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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