Only University Men’s Officer in U.K. Forced to Step Down After SJW Harassment

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A male student advocate at the University of the West of England was forced to step down after he was pummeled with leftist harassment.

James Knight was the only “men’s officer” at a university in the United Kingdom. The position was created to serve as a counterbalance to the “women’s resource centers” that have become increasingly common on universities campuses. Knight, however, was recently forced to step down from the post after a leftist protest effort accused him of emboldening male “entitlement.”

Sarah Lasoye, the women’s officer from the Nation Union of Students, argued that Knight’s position should be “obsolete.”

“The role of a men’s officer is entirely obsolete and the attempt to implement one stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of liberation and almost always an unearned sense of entitlement,” Lasoye said.

Lasoye isn’t alone in this position. A group of students at the University of the West of England also called for the position to be shut down. “Can someone explain to me why a men’s officer is necessary please?” student Rebecca Sheeres said.

“Especially when UWE students actually voted against such position. Men are not a minority at university and surely appointing a wellbeing officer would cover men’s mental health,” Sheeres added.

Knight said that he had hoped to use the position to improve upon “the poor state of mental health services at UWE.” He went on to argue that he wanted to encourage troubled male students to seek mental health counseling. “I know how deeply mental health issues can run in men and how much of a taboo it can be for men to talk about their mental health,” he explained.

Knight claims that he was forced to resign from his post after a result of harassment. “Due to the negative reaction to the men’s officer position and continued external harassment, I have taken the difficult decision to stand down as a candidate,” he said.

At the next student council meeting, student representatives will vote on a measure that will determine whether or not the position will continue in operation.


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