Chinese State-Linked Media Criticizes Tesla China Factory

The Associated Press

The Global Times, a Chinese state-linked media group, has published a tweet critical of Tesla’s development of their Chinese production factory.

A tweet from the Global Times, a Chinese state-linked media company, published a tweet on December 26th which shows the construction site of Tesla’s new production factory in Lingang, Shanghai.

The tweet reads: “‘s new Gigafactory in Lingang, Shanghai, shows no signs of ongoing construction work. The company signed a land leasing contract with local Shanghai authorities to build the factory on October 17.”

This tweet is particularly interesting due to the Global Times’ links to the communist Chinese government. One Twitter user hypothesized that this tweet was a “warning shot” by the Shanghai governor.

The same user noted that none of the other Global Times linked websites have published a story about the lack of production on the Tesla factory:

Tesla purchased an 864,885-square meter plot of land in the Lingang area of Shanghai where the company plans to build its first facility outside of the U.S.

Musk’s company purchased the land for approximately 973 million yuan, or $140 million, on Wednesday. Tesla’s Chinese facilities floor space will span 1.7 million square meters according to property transaction records from the Shanghai-based financial data company Wind Info.

Chinese government regulations state that purchases of all industrial-use land are essentially leases that last for 50 years and can potentially be renewed. Tesla’s facility in Lingang will join a host of other auto manufacturers in the area, Tesla reportedly expects to produce their first cars in three years of opening the plant and plans to produce 250,000 vehicles and battery packs a year, with plans to double that figure in the future.

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