American University Tells Faculty to Disregard ‘Quality’ of Writing When Grading

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A seminar at American University in February will instruct faculty members to disregard a student’s “quality” of writing when grading their papers.

According to a report from The College Fix, an upcoming seminar at American University will ask professors to disregard a student’s “quality” of writing when grading their assignments. The seminar, which will be conducted by University of Washington-Tacoma Professor Asao Inoue, will include a variety of lectures that will encourage professors to disregard the quality of writing from students.

One event will encourage professors to recognize “white language supremacy” is perpetuated by standard grading practices.

This plenary will argue against the use of conventional standards in college courses that grade student writing by single standards. Inoue will discuss the ways that White language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing.

The seminar, which is entitled “Grading Ain’t Just Grading: Rethinking Writing Assessment Ecologies Towards Antiracist Ends,” will include several events that focus on “antiracist” writing styles.

This workshop will engage participants in rethinking what standards for writing in their courses could be and how those standards can be assessed and graded most meaningfully for students. It will offer a brief account of two antiracist writing assessment practices, and consider one more carefully, dimension-based rubrics for writing assignments. When used in particular ways, this rubric can be a way to acknowledge the diverse range of readers in any classroom. It also can resist the negative effects of grading by a single standard that most conventional rubrics and scoring guides embody.

The event seemingly suggests that any and all language standards are oppressive to students who did not receive the high-quality childhood education of their peers.

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