Terrence K. Williams: Leftists Are No Longer Funny

Conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams
Terrence Williams

Comedian Terrence K. Williams appeared on Breitbart News Daily Thursday to discuss the effect of modern politics on the world of comedy, pointing out that mainstream leftist comedy like Saturday Night Live has become so hate-filled that he believes that America should “Stop calling it comedy, it’s not comedy.”

Popular comedian Terrence K. Williams appeared on Breitbart News Daily recently as he travels across the country performing with his Deplorables Comedy Tour. Speaking to Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, Williams discussed the state of modern comedy and how politics has affected the direction of the comedic world. Williams specifically noted a distinct change in the sort of comedy that his liberal comedian friends were performing.

Discussing the current state of comedic television shows such as Saturday Night Live, Alex Marlow stated: “It used to be, the mockery, the satire, the caricatures, there was a loving nature to it, there was a kindness to it almost, it was just sort of poking fun of our flaws; now it’s really aggressive, it’s mean, the wokeness that’s infected comedy I think has ruined comedy, but being on the inside what are your thoughts?”

Williams replied: “First of all, I watched — I could not — it was so hard for me to watch that Jake Tapper segment, it was so hard to watch it, that was not funny, that was not even a funny take. That was ridiculous, he was all over the place, he didn’t just talk about Trump, he was skipping person to person but he should have called out Hillary and everybody else but anyway — the liberals are no longer funny. I’m friends with some liberal comedians and yes they’re funny but most of them are not funny anymore because they all hate, it’s all hate.”

Williams added that comedians would regularly mock individuals on both sides of the political aisle but now it has become: “if you don’t agree with me politically, I am going to talk so dirty about you, I am going to drag you through the mud. I’m going to throw salt on your name.” Williams stated: “Stop calling it comedy, it’s not comedy no more.”

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