University of Minnesota Offers Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants

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The University of Minnesota is reportedly planning to offer a scholarship to illegal immigrants through the Minnesota Dream Act of 2013.

According to a report from Campus Reform, the University of Minnesota is offering scholarships to undocumented students. The program was specifically designed to coexist with the Minnesota Dream Act, which was signed into law by the state of Minnesota in 2013 to help illegal alien students afford the cost of college.

A page of the University of Minnesota’s website explicitly states that illegal immigrant students are eligible for financial aid under the program. In order to qualify for financial aid as an illegal, students must first graduate from a Minnesota high school. Alternatively, they could qualify by earning of GED in the state. Male applicants between the age of 18 and 25 are also required to sign up for U.S. Selective Service.

Under the Minnesota Dream Act, which is also known as The Prosperity Act, undocumented Minnesota high school graduates meeting certain criteria can receive scholarships and financial aid from the University of Minnesota. The Minnesota Office of Higher Education will determine who is eligible to benefit from the Dream Act. Generally, students are eligible if they have attended a Minnesota high school for at least three years, have graduated from a Minnesota high school (or earned a GED in Minnesota), and who have registered with the U.S. Selective Service (applies only to males 18 to 25 years old).

In another page on the university website, the university claims that it adopted the Minnesota Dream Act as a means to help undocumented students attend college. They also claim that adopting the Dream Act coincides with their values of diversity and inclusion.

Breitbart News reported in April that a growing coalition of progressives wants to help illegal immigrant students earn college degrees in the United States.

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