Google Insider to Project Veritas: Big Corporate Power Merging with Politics Is ‘Dangerous’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

“I don’t see any doubt that [Google] is very politically biased” — those are the words of Greg Coppola, a senior software engineer at Google who spoke to Project Veritas about political bias at the company for which he has worked for five years.

In his interview, Coppola questioned the veracity of Google’s assurances to the world — and to Congress, under oath — that its products are not politically biased.

“I look at search and I look at Google News and I see what it’s doing and I see Google executives go to Congress and say that it’s not manipulated. It’s not political. And I’m just so sure that’s not true” said Coppola.

Coppola, who works for the tech giant on artificial intelligence at the Google Home assistant, went on to say that Americans must grapple with the problem of tech bias before it completely undermines democracy.

“Well I think we’re just at a really important point in human history. I think for a while we had tech that was politically neutral. Now we have tech that really, first of all, is taking sides in a political contest, which I think, you know, anytime you have big corporate power merging with political parties, that can be dangerous.”

“I think we had a long period, of ten years, let’s say, where we had search and social media that didn’t have a political bias” continued Coppola.

“We kind of got used to the idea that the top search results, that Google is probably the answer. And Robert Epstein who testified before Congress last week, looked into it and showed that, you know, the vast majority of people think that if something is higher rated on Google Search than another story, that it would be more important and more correct. And you know, we haven’t had time to absorb the fact that tech might have an agenda. I mean, it’s something that we’re only starting total about now.”

Read the Project Veritas report here.


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