Portland State Punishes Professor Behind Academic Journal Hoax Papers

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Professor Peter Boghossian has been punished by Portland State University for his role in creating a series of fake academic papers that were published in leftist academic journals.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Portland State University announced last week that Professor Peter Boghossian will not be permitted to conduct university-sponsored research as a punishment for his participation in a hoax campaign that was designed to reveal leftist bias in academia.

Breitbart News reported on Boghossian’s efforts to dupe leftist academic journals last year. Working with two other scholars, James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose, Boghossian wrote and submitted a series of preposterous academic papers. One paper focused on “rape culture” between dogs at the park and another paper was a re-written section of Mein Kampf featuring, in this version, vitriol against men. These papers were both accepted for publication by a team of peer-reviewers.

Now, Boghossian is being sanctioned by Portland State University for his role in the hoax. According to officials at the university, the hoax amounts to “research misconduct,” which is defined as “plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.”

“You are forbidden to engage in any human subjects related research as principal investigator, collaborator, or contributor,” a letter from Portland State Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Mark R. McLellan, reads. “This ban will remain in effect for as long as you work at PSU or until you can show satisfactory evidence of understanding of the protections afforded human subjects by this university.”

The letter also states that Boghossian has been banned from conducting any type of university-sponsored research. “You are forbidden to engage in any sponsored research as principal investigator, collaborator or contributor,” McLellan added.

The letter notes that Boghossian could face termination from the university if he violates these new restrictions. Boghossian will be forced to undergo training on the “protection of human subjects” if he wants a shot at regaining his right to engage in university-sponsored research.

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