Professor Commits Suicide After Dartmouth Refuses to Clear Him in Sexual Misconduct Claim

Dartmouth Campus
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Dartmouth College Department Chair David Bucci was accused of looking the other way when three students came to him with an allegation of sexual harassment within his department. After Dartmouth refused to clear Bucci of wrongdoing, despite viewing him as a “force for good,” he committed suicide.

According to a report by The College Fix, former Dartmouth College Professor David Bucci committed suicide after he was named in a sexual misconduct lawsuit against the college. Bucci was accused by three women of failing to take action after they reported to him that they had been sexually harassed by a professor in his department.

Bucci’s story was covered by the New York Times this week under the headline, “He Was Accused of Enabling Abuse. Then Came a Downward Spiral.” The report claims that Bucci “despaired” over what he claimed was a “false portrayal” of his actions.

Bucci’s wife even claims that he would not have committed suicide if he had not been named in the lawsuit against Dartmouth College.

“I don’t know why he took his life that day, and I’ll never know,” Bucci’s wife told the New York Times. “But I know that he wouldn’t have gotten to that point had he not gone through that experience with this lawsuit.”

In a message to his attorney, Bucci asked if they could order Dartmouth to clear his name as part of the alleged victim’s settlement against Dartmouth College. Bucci grew especially distressed after he was told to not defend himself publicly from the allegations.

“How does this end in terms of our names being cleared from the wrongful accusations?” Bucci wrote after the student’s filed a complaint. “If Dartmouth settles, can we somehow insist that part of the settlement is that the plaintiffs, in some way, undo what they did to us?”

Now, Dartmouth College spokesman Justin Anderson claims that the college viewed Bucci as a “force for good” throughout the trial. Despite Anderson’s claim, Dartmouth refused to clear Bucci of wrongdoing as part of the college’s settlement with the alleged victims.

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