Ohio Wesleyan U. Puts Planned Tuition Increase on Hold

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A few colleges around the country have announced that they may pause tuition increases in response to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. At least one college in the state of Ohio has already announced that it will cancel its planned tuition increase for the upcoming year.

According to a local news report, colleges and universities in the state of Ohio are considering a  pause on their annual tuition increase. Universities and colleges have been forced to reflect on their tuition prices as a result of the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Many students have questioned exorbitant tuition fees as classes have shifted online in the past few weeks.

Ohio Wesleyan University announced at the beginning of the month that it is canceling a planned tuition hike in response to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Rock Jones, the president of Ohio Wesleyan, said that the decision was made after considering the additional financial pressures that American families may face in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“We believe canceling next year’s tuition increase will help students continue their educations in the fall and persist to graduation,” Jones said. “The world will need their knowledge and leadership more than ever when we emerge from this challenging time.”

“We really recognize that this is a challenging time for families,” said Stephanie Niles with the school’s communications department. “At this point in time, we are starting to see families feel the impact of jobs being cut, income being reduced, the stock market has impacted savings.”

Breitbart News reported in March that Purdue University President Mitch Daniels has kept his promise to keep university tuition under $10,000 per year. Daniels has kept tuition under $10,000 at Purdue since he initially made the promise in 2013.

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