Monolith Appears on Austin Community College Campus

Austin Texas Monolith
Austin Community College/Twitter

A monolith appeared this week at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. The structure is one of several that have been found throughout the world over the past several weeks, although the latest monolith has turned out to be less mysterious than its predecessors.

According to a report by a local Fox affiliate, a monolith appeared on Austin Community College’s campus this week.

Breitbart News reported in November that a monolith was discovered in a remote area of Utah. Users on social media instantly compared the structure to the iconic monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. That monolith later disappeared, and a number of similar structures have sprung up around the world.

This week, a similar monolith appeared in the campus center at Austin Community College. It was found in Fontaine Plaza, a park at the center of the campus.

Unfortunately, this monolith was not created by extraterrestrial beings. Austin Community College admitted in a tweet that the monolith was created by members of the school’s welding department.

“Have you heard about mysterious monoliths making the news worldwide? Now, Central Texas has one, too! We wanted to keep things weird in ATX. So, ACC’s Welding Dept made this awesome structure for you to enjoy. Check it out at Fontaine Plaza at Highland,” the community wrote on its Twitter page.

Monoliths have been found in various locations around the globe over the past several weeks. After the first one was found in Utah, others appeared in Atascadero, California, and Romania. The monoliths in Utah, California, and Romania, disappeared just a few days after they were found.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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