Project Veritas: Salesforce Plans to Blacklist Clients for Political Speech, Citing Capitol Riot

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published a report detailing plans by the cloud-based software giant Salesforce to de-platform customers who have “the potential to incite politically motivated violence.” According to the Project Veritas video, executives are communicating with the RNC specifically about messages from former President Donald Trump. Project Veritas reports that its own business account with Salesforce has been cut off.

Project Veritas recently published a report detailing plans by the cloud-based software firm Salesforce to cut off services to clients that they believe could “incite politically motivated violence.” Salesforce is the world’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and has over 150,000 clients.

Project Veritas published a video featuring Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s president and chief operating officer, discussing the Capitol riot on January 6, stating:

Since the events of the 6th [of January], I think one of the things that really impacts Salesforce is the national conversation about the role of technology in inciting that mob, disseminating misinformation and fomenting extremism.

What we’ve done in light of the events of Jan. 6 is recognize a much broader range of messages have the potential to incite politically motivated violence.

Taylor specifically focused on the company’s contract with the Republican National Committee, stating:

We’ve engaged with the RNC to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and no messages questioning the validity or integrity of the election are allowed on our platform under the guidelines that they may incite violence given the escalated conditions in the United States right now.

We’re looking across our customer base to make sure our technology is not being used by businesses or platforms that are inciting political violence.

Project Veritas alleges that their own access to Salesforce systems was cut off with the group’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Schaefer, stating: “I don’t understand what Salesforce’s ‘business decision’ is based on. We are a customer that pays like clockwork and has required very little in return for our loyalty. We have to wonder if we were cut off because we caught some Big Tech executives telling the truth recently and exposed that truth to the public.”

Read more at Project Veritas here.

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