Louie Gohmert Offers Constructive Criticism to Republicans Following Election

Louie Gohmert Offers Constructive Criticism to Republicans Following Election

Following Tuesday’s elections, during which Republicans secured control of both the House and Senate, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is left feeling blessed but concerned. He stressed that moving forward, Republicans must do a better job earning the respect of their constituents.

In Gohmert’s view, acknowledging errors made in the past is the the only way conservatives can make themselves a stronger party for the future. “Opinion polling of voters indicates Republicans have not earned the respect of the people though they overwhelmingly got their votes,” Gohmert said in a statement provided to Breitbart Texas. “Now that we have the majority in both houses, we must end Republican leader lethargy, and begin restoring the national economy and our international greatness that has rusted away. Though some wonder what difference it makes to discern our mistakes, we must know what we’ve done wrong to avoid those errors in the future.”

Gohmert said Republicans must ensure that no more U.S. money goes into the hands of “those who want to destroy us.” He added, “We must encourage lawful immigration while making sure that we are secure from disease and destruction coming across porous borders. “

Reflecting on Tuesday’s big win, the congressman said, “This election reinforces that I am the most blessed servant member of the United States Congress. The overwhelming majority of east Texans want their children to at least have the chance for a better life than they have had. Proverbs says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ Unfortunately, if there was vision in this administration, it has been one of full government intrusion, manipulation, and lawlessness, with limited healthcare, especially for seniors and non-government workers.”

In Gohmert’s view, the Obama Administration is steering the nation in the direction of “less opportunity [and] less respect abroad while creating more enemies and fewer allies. We’ve had more tax dollars doing less for the country but more for bureaucrats, leaving fewer Americans working than at any time since the Carter days of malaise. “

The election results indicate that U.S. citizens have a desire to return ” to a government of, by and for the people,” Gohmert said. 

“Speaking up and standing up on the foundation of truth and our nation’s Constitution has been and will remain my charge,” Gohmert concluded. “I am humbled to be so blessed by such support for my efforts.”

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