Texas Kidnapper Shot Dead

Police Photos compiled by WFAA.

UPDATE 5:15 Central, May 26: Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams, 9, has been found safe in Bosier, Louisiana, after being kidnapped and taken across state lines. Her uncle, Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24, was killed in a struggle with law enforcement after being discovered with the girl at a motel.

A FBI task force member was shot in the leg during the struggle with Williams according to a WFAA report. He is expected to fully recover.

A tip received by law enforcement related to the Amber Alert led the FBI to a Days Inn in Bosier City. They discovered Caitlyn and her uncle at the motel.

NBCDFW reported that police said the girl will be returned to her family as soon as possible. No motives for the kidnapping have been released by law enforcement at this time.

“We don’t have any additional information with regard to her condition,” Benbrook police spokesman Sandy Eubanks said. “But, since they said she’s safely recovered, I presume she’s uninjured.”

ORIGINAL STORY: An Amber Alert has been issued by Texas law enforcement officials for a 9-year-old girl believed to be in “grave danger” after allegedly being kidnapped by her uncle. Police from Benbrook issued the alert after Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams failed to return home on Sunday after she was supposed to be spending the weekend with a friend. She has been spotted at least two times with her uncle since disappearing.

Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams, age 9. Photo courtesy Benbrook Police

Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams, age 9. Hair may be shorter now. Photo courtesy Benbrook Police

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Jessie Nicholas Williams, 24, in connection with the girl’s disappearance. He is driving a rented Chevy SUV according to a Dallas Morning News report.

“The two were seen at a hair salon in Fort Worth where she was getting her hair cut,” Benbrook Police Spokesperson Sandy Eubanks said, in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article. “Then later they were seen at a motel in Fort Worth.”

Eubanks told Breitbart Texas, he is not aware who used the word “grave danger” in connection with this case. He said he used the phrase “heightened concern” about the girl’s safety because of family statements. The family told Eubanks they are normally in close communication with Jessie Williams. Since he left his home on Friday, he is not answering his cell phone and it appears to be turned off, Eubanks said. The “grave danger” phrase was attributed to authorities in a Fox News report.

The uncle and the little girl were seen exiting a beauty salon. It is believed Williams may have altered the Caitlyn’s appearance by cutting her hair, Benbrook police told WFAA.

Jessie Williams’ older sister, Crystal Williams told WFAA that Jessie lives with his grandmother in Arlington. She said he rented an SUV on Friday to allegedly pick up a friend from the airport. He has not been seen or heard from by the family since that time.

Eubanks told Breitbart Texas there is no indication that Jessie picked up anyone or that anyone else is involved at this time.

Jessie and Caitlyn were also spotted near a hotel on Altamesa Boulevard in Fort Worth on IH-35W.

The family did not report the girl missing until Monday afternoon when she failed to return from her friend’s house. She left her home on Friday afternoon by bicycle after telling her parents she planned to attend a sleepover party at her friend’s home. She was supposed to spend the weekend there. Police say the girl never made it to the party at the friend’s house.

“Caitlyn probably knew that she wasn’t going to be going to the party even though that’s what she told her parents,” said Officer Sandy Eubanks to WFAA.

Eubanks elaborated on this with Breitbart Texas. Communications with the family hosting the party told police that while Caitlyn was welcome to attend the party, she was not “part of the group” and she was not invited for the overnight stay.

“It appears Caitlyn lied to her parents about going to the party,” Eubanks said. The family told police that Caitlyn packed a backpack with some dolls and clothes to take with her.

The bicycle is described as white in color. Eubanks told this writer the bike has not been found at this time.

Eubanks told Breitbart Texas that investigators are looking into any communications between Jessie and Caitlyn to determine if they were planning anything or if there was some kind of unusual relationship. He could not say what the results of that investigation were, or if there had been any communications.

Eubanks said he has not yet checked Jessie Williams’ record to see if he has any criminal history.

Police would not confirm details about the SUV or the suspected whereabouts of Jessie and Caitlyn Williams at this time.

Caitlyn is described as white, 4 feet 4 inches tall, 95 pounds, with brown, wavy hair to the middle of her back.

When she left her home, she was wearing a yellow T-shirt with “Benbrook Field Day” printed on the shirt. She also was wearing blue jeans and pink-and-black tennis shoes.

Jessie Nicholas Williams is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. It is not known if he currently has facial hair or not.

If you have any information about Caitlyn Williams, contact Benbrook police at 817-249-1610 or call 911.

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