That Was the Week That Was, MSNBC Division

Joe Scarborough is a scarcely visible light in the intellectually vacuous cavern of MSNBC liberal apparatchiks.

I made the mistake of turning on this network in prime time last night and my head almost blew off.

What stunning honesty about ones employer and the jackassery within one’s own network. The choicest part of these two minutes is the smug, putrefied reaction of the co-host after Joe’s comment. Looking mortified, Mika Brzezinski glares the rest of the dialogue before squeaking out a nervous laugh in the end. Eugene Robinson laughs and retorts Joe’s rational argument with quite possibly the most obtuse, child-like avoidance in the history of punditry.

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“Why do you want to take Social Security away from senior citizens?”

Sadly such an exchange is par for the course in a Scarborough dialogue.

MSNBC hired Joe as a ‘right wing token’ in 2003. After his comments, MSNBC has stated they are “cracking down” on intramural squabbling. I wonder what that will entail? Most likely a heavy-handed clamp down on Scarborough as the other pundits fume on about Morning Joe‘s ratings spike.

So left-wing media devolves yet further into arch-liberal isolation…yawn. The MSM, which regularly makes a laughingstock of itself by repeatedly blasting its own foot with both barrels, is doing so now with such poignant accuracy one may actually pity Scarborough’s seemingly futile job description. Some further highlights from the week’s MSM follies:

  • A mid week report provided a painful revelation for the ‘no media bias’ holdouts. The report stated that 88 percent of monies donated to election campaigns by media employees went to Democrats in 2008. Sounds fair.
  • Feudal squabbling ensued between the two ratings underlings CNN and MSNBC, which devolved into a twitter catfight.
  • Edie Emery, a D.C.-based senior director of PR for CNN, tweeted on Tuesday:
    • “Where is ‘The Place for Politics (MSNBC)’ during the primaries tonight? Oh, wait, they’re in tape.”

  • An MSNBC spokesperson riposte-

    • “CNN should spend less time tweeting and more time figuring out how to stop their continued slide into irrelevance.”

Watch out. MSNBC calling you “irrelevant” is the insult equivalent of Michelle Obama calling you “snobbish.”

Better yet, MSNBC somehow out-promoted Fox when it came to Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.

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“Restoring Honor”



“Glenn Beck”



“Lincoln Memorial”






Ultimately, David Letterman summed it all up in his under reported one term prophecy last week. The left wing media, along with this ever more obscure administration, is simply killing itself with arrogance. Mr. Scarborough, give no further advice to these networks. This is all far too entertaining.