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I've Answered All the Questions, Haven't I?


“This has been a befuddling experience.”

“After almost 11 hours of answering questions, any that anyone wanted to put, today I’m going to have to get back to work doing the job that I’m paid to do.”

Ya—ask away. Anthony Weiner will sit there and deflect and create more Strawmen than the King of Strawmen in the White House. “You know, pictures can be altered.” No Anthony, I didn’t know that, really? Photoshop has been invented? He won’t say if his picture has been altered, just pictures can be altered.

Watching this entire Weiner affair has been as entertaining as can be. The smartest, most brilliant, intelligent Democrat Congressman in the history of Congressmen sounds like your typical teenaged boy whose mother just caught him with a Playboy.

I’ve been through something similar myself. I told my mom the pictures were put in my “secret” coat pocket by a friend and I didn’t know how they got there.

She didn’t buy it.

My episode lasted about 30 minutes from investigation to confession and finally the penalty phase. Justice was swift.

Weiner is a 46-years-old going though something similar and he’s so smart, he can’t see it. Now, mind you, that’s not an excuse, it just Weiner can’t see how foolish he looks and nobody in the media will tell him.

In fact, some in the media are believing his “hacking” story wholesale, although there is no hard evidence to support it beyond the word of the guy who won’t allow for an investigation. Still, that guy has answered all the questions.

Of course none of his stories add up because they make no sense. Now he’s saying he has answered all the questions when he hasn’t answered any questions. We didn’t see what we saw when he was asked if that was a picture of him.

ABC’s Robin Robert says he’s facing “a big image problem.” Oh, so this is just an “image problem”? When Democrats get in trouble, it’s just an image problem, but when Republicans get in trouble….well, you know what happens.

“Is that a photograph of you?”

He can’t say. Doesn’t know. Doesn’t know his own stuff. Doesn’t know his own underwear. Pictures can be altered you know.

So, now he’s done answering questions because they have all been asked and he still hasn’t answered any of them, so you’ll just have to be happy with knowing that he was “hacked” by somebody he won’t name and won’t investigate and won’t bla bla bla bla…..

Befuddling is a pretty good word here. The media is playing like they are “faux befuddled” in this case as well by playing along with Weiner (sorry). They refuse to parrot the scene from Animal House with the letters “BS” that we all know so well.

“So why won’t you call for any investigation?” Can’t have that, it’ll cost too much money. It would? The public doesn’t want that, Weiner implies. We don’t?

This silly game has gone on way too long already. The most brilliant Congressman ever looks the fool. Top to bottom, he looks the fool. That may be a bigger story than the photo itself. The media should love this.

No more questions, nothing to see here—and the activist old media is likely to comply with Weiner’s request.


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