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Cenk Uygur Lectures Andrew Breitbart on Journalism


Jim Treacher posted this great clip on Twitter. Watch as Cenk Uygur of MSNBC tells his audience how pathetic Andrew Breitbart is, and by extension all the bloggers who believed the Weinergate story.

[youtube ris7kWRonW8]

Olbermann was a loudmouth misogynist but he wasn’t dumb. Maddow is mostly a predictable hack, but she’s whip smart. Even Ed Schultz, though he’s an obnoxious blowhard, occasionally has an opinion that comes from his own brain, not the left’s conventional wisdom. Jon Stewart, who is really the left’s news anchor of choice, is both smart and often genuinely funny.

But as you can see in the clip above, Cenk has all of their failings and none of their gifts. He’s a hack and a condescending blowhard but makes up for it by being a colossal dunce. His only charm is a lunkhead fratboy quality reminiscent of Belushi’s “John Blutarsky” from Animal House or possibly “Meat” from Porky’s.

Taste the sweet irony, Cenk. By trashing Breitbart’s credibility without knowing what the hell you were talking about, you proved once again why no one should take your word for anything.


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