Sound Bite For the Day: Local Reporter Mocks Romney's Mormonism


In probably the best thing to happen to his fledgling, part-time radio career, talk host Ben Ferguson is receiving criticism for his feeble attempt to create a news bit of Mitt Romney’s religion on his local station.

[youtube WCbn3fmKBqw nolink]

“For a guy like Mitt Romney, you hope that people don’t really look at your religion, because there are aspects of it that are unconventional,” the reporter concludes after asking perplexed locals about esoteric Mormon beliefs.

You wouldn’t know it by the above, but Ferguson is supposed to be a conservative. Apparently, the new “edgy” is copping progressive tactics against Republican candidates. I’m not even Mormon but found the little bit egregiously distasteful and unbecoming of anyone claiming a conservative label. Fight on policy, don’t intellectually wuss out and go after beliefs. We’re busy enough fighting the left and their inanity, please don’t claim to be from the right and add to it. Thanks.


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