Media Matters Propaganda Watch: MSNBC's Tax-Exempt Research Dept, Weinergate Edition


Continuing our series illustrating how MSNBC relies on Media Matters (the left-wing, partisan, non-profit organization whose dubious tax-exempt status is currently under fire) as their research department, we are pleased to present the Weinergate edition.

When the Weinergate story finally made its way to the main stream media, Andrew Breitbart was interviewed about it on CNN. Media Matters issued an immediate reprimand to CNN for daring to have Breitbart on the air. That same evening Chris Hayes presented an entire segment on MSNBC focusing solely on Breitbart, not Weiner, and used the exact arguments employed in the Media Matters article.

Stay tuned for more videos illustrating the incestuous relationship between MSNBC and the tax-exempt organization Media Matters.


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