Former MSNBC Cenk Uygur Employee Suddenly Critical of MSNBC's Ethics


“I was like, WHOA!”

Former TV host Cenk Ugyur claims he was canned from MSNBC because Washington types now run MSNBC’s newsroom. Apparently, his “aggressive body language and overall demeanor” made it difficult to book guests. If by “overall demeanor” they mean “inability to host a show” then OK. But “Aggressive body language?” What, was he waving a knife into the camera?

I dozed off after a few minutes of the Webernetz Inventor’s new channel, but is it supposed to be a scandal that MSNBC may possibly be biased towards, or run by Washington? Have either Olbermann or Uguyr ever watched the other programs on that channel?

Ironic pull quote:

“Are we gonna be honest with our audience? Are we going to trade information for access?”


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