Biden: Republicans, "Acted Like Terrorists"

The media should be destroying Joe Biden right now. There should be a countdown clock on his resignation.

The Vice-President of the United States of America said that tea party Republicans “acted like terrorists” during the recent budget and debt ceiling discussions.

Where’s the “wall to wall” stories, live shots, commentary and demand of accountability here?


This administration doesn’t call terrorists, terrorists.

Biden has denied making the comments, but Politico is sticking by its story, they also say Pennsylvania Democrat Mike Doyle used the same phrase.

In this post 9/11 world it’s unthinkable that the White House would so blatantly attack its own citizens by using that phrase. Terrorists killed my son’s high school language teacher on the Flight 77 that was forced in to the Pentagon. I drive by the memorial for Barbara Edwards at least 2 or 3 times a day and there is not a time that I go by that I do not recall those horrific attacks of that day.

Personal note here to Biden: I can get creative with words, Joe, but unlike you, I am not a plagiarist. I can think of a lot of things to call you right now, and if you ever have the pleasure of meeting me, I will use them. For now, you can use your imagination. You are not worth getting into a pissing match with.

These are fellow American that Joe Biden is calling terrorists. You and me. In using that phrase towards Republicans in Congress, Biden uses it against each of us who called for Representatives who would vote for fiscal responsibility in Washington DC and not blow our money and lead to Homeland Insecurity.

Personal note to the media: Where the hell are you on this? You patronize by your silence. I’m waiting for one of you to refer to this a just another Biden “gaffe.” Enablers. You have made careers out of trying to destroy Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, but you will find no story here. Speak truth to power. You don’t get much more powerful than the White House. Bob Woodward, where are you?

Biden’s words should be additional motivation to elect people to power who understand that government will not control its spending. A Constitutional amendment is the only solution. We must put people in power who understand that and vote the others out. That’s you, Joe.

If President Obama wants to try to distance himself from his VP’s comments, he can’t, they fit with some of the brutal things he has said about his political opponents. “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun,” Obama told a crowd of supporters in Philadelphia in 2008. Remember that one? That would be you and me that he is talking about there. To this White House we are terrorists and firearms are to be used against us. What else can you extrapolate from all of this? I challenge anybody to come up with an Executive Branch in this country that has been more brutal in the words they use against political opponents. We act like terrorists.

This is the “Great Uniter” who called for a new civility during the tragic shootings in Tucson.

Later this year, Biden and Obama will lead the ceremonies on the 10th year since 9/11. There will be tears, there will be memorials, there will be speeches. “Never forget” has been this nation’s motto since that tragic day, and that phrase will be heard again this September. No, we won’t forget what happened that day. My son and his classmates won’t forget their teacher who died on that day. To Biden, your words this day will not be forgotten either.


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