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Tuesday Crib Sheet: The 2012 Race Gets Racial, 'The View' Gets Spittin' Mad, Van Jones Paid by Putin?


– Not to belabor a point, you may recall our recently pointing out how Nancy Pelosi re-started an old lie regarding how Rep. John Lewis was treated by a tea party crowd. Next thing you know, it’s being re-invoked on “The View.” That’s malicious and wrong but doesn’t stop them.

– Here’s yet another case. From O’Donnell and Sharpton at MSNoBodyCares, to CNN’s Candy Crowley, suddenly it’s becming legitimate to ask if Herman Cain is authentic as a black man. Which broadcast network will pick that up, I wonder?

Photo: G. Skidmore

The rationale will be, “well, this is being talked about!” No, it isn’t, or at it least wasn’t before the usual suspects began talking about it. And to what effect? To undermine Herman Cain, of course. This is how the media does the left’s dirty work. This was never talked about with regard to Obama, not to this degree. Now, why is that? That’s a rhetorical question, naturally.

– Meanwhile, not to miss a beat – where is the racism? In criticizing the left’s Wall Street protest, or at this dummy’s own network, as cited above? Obama’s numbers are so bad, they aren’t just playing the race card, they’re dealing it from the bottom of the deck!

On his MSNBC show tonight, Schultz claimed that what lies behind Republican criticism of Occupy is… racism.

– Some additional troubling questions: who is paying whom to say what and why are they so uncomfortable discussing it? Hey, wasn’t Van Jones one of Obama’s first czars? Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

Progressive TV and radio star Thom Hartmann took time off from covering Van Jones and his “Rebuild the Dream” movement on Wednesday to briefly talk to this columnist about his relationship with the Vladimir Putin regime of Russia.

During another embarrassing incident, Van Jones refused to sign a copy of his Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM) manifesto when asked to autograph it. “No thank you,” he sternly said before asking, “Who are you?,” looking at my name badge, and walking away to the next adoring crowd of Van Jones groupies. Jones, a “former” communist, is the new face of the progressive movement that is backing the “Occupation Wall Street” protests and is trying to guarantee President Obama a second term.

– Meanwhile, why not much talk about this in the mainstream media. Isn’t this news to you?

Convicted bank fraudster Robert Creamer, who recently set up a nationwide political consultancy to boost Democrats’ 2012 campaigns, and who wrote the Democrats’ political strategy on health care from federal prison, is promoting efforts by Democrats and the #OccuptWallStreet protestors to single out Bank of America.


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