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Is Politico's Dave Catanese A Democrat Party Press Secretary?


Background research on what has been called a bizarre 16 year-old smear being tossed at prospective Republican gubernatorial candidate, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, potentially by Democrats, turned up some interesting observations about the work of Dave Catanese over at Politico.

The two politicians currently expected to battle for the Missouri Governorship next year are Democrat Jay Nixon and Republican Peter Kinder. The most efficient way to see what I’m referring to is by scrolling through two categories based upon the politicians names: Jay Nixon and Peter Kinder.

Of the nine items focused on Democrat Jay Nixon, all of them appear to be balanced, or positive. Yet, there are 17 items on Kinder, nearly all of them negative, while appearing to offer no balance at all. One can quickly scan both categories by clicking on the two links directly above.

Granted, the several most recent negative stories on Kinder are driven by Tammy Chapman’s recent claims of sexually aggressive behavior by Kinder from 16 years ago. None of them appear to offer the type of serious analysis done by Big Government demonstrating why they can rightly be called bizarre. Instead, Catanese focuses on the more sensational and superficial aspects of the story that work against Kinder.

Yet, every item on Nixon that could in any way be termed negative contain a seemingly reasonable argument in his defense. It isn’t a difficult analysis to perform and only takes a minute or three. Click on Peter Kinder and then Jay Nixon, read the headlines and glance over the uppermost, or main portions of each relatively short item and you’ll see precisely what I mean.

Perhaps Kinder and the Republicans don’t have spokespersons or press offices, while Nixon and the Democrats do, resulting in many of the items looking like the equivalent of press releases from the offices of Nixon and his fellow Democrats. That, or they don’thave them either as they have Politico journalists like Catanese to perform those functions for them.

If so, it would be the first time I’ve discovered a way Democrats have found to save the taxpayers money. If it’s the beginning of a trend, who knows, there may yet be hope for the party of big government after all.


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