Sunday Crib Sheet: Herman Cain Angles for a Media Job, Vargas Tossed from Romney Event


– “Journalist” (activist) Jose Vargas was kicked out of Romney event in Iowa when Vargas showed up to protest. Or report. To so many of them activism = “reporting.”

– Foreign documentary filmmaker with an axe to grind shocked that Palin doesn’t want to interview with him.

There is growing criticism of Sarah after the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Texas. Sarah had published a map placing the crosshairs of a gun over Democratic areas supporting President Obama’s healthcare plans. Mrs Giffords, a Democrat, had warned there would be consequences. And there were. She was shot.

We decide that the only way of reaching Sarah is to attend a rally. We find one billed as a ‘question and answer’ session. The questions are all scripted. With some difficulty, I shout: ‘Do you think your political career is over?’

This is met with an audible gasp from the packed auditorium. Sarah looks startled. And I am escorted from the building.

The DLC also targeted Giffords’ district on a map. And she was shot. Cue thriller music.

Baldwin vs Whoopi. “Put the phone down!”

What if Michelle Obama’s name was Herman Cain?

Business Insider: “Rich people don’t create jobs.” All the people who own companied and employ people are the poor. I know, whiskey tango foxtrot?

Herman Cain angling for a media job.


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