ABC World News & NBC Nightly News Ignores Attorney General Holder's November 8 Testimony

I know, I know what a surprise, right? It doesn’t mean we should just blow it off and allow them to get away with this. It also doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call them out when it happens. Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams fail miserably once again.

Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company on NRA News and Siruis XM Patriot 125, summed it up perfectly: NBC would do anything to not talk about Operation Fast and Furious. They would probably run a half hour show of Brian Williams with puppies. ANYTHING to avoid Operation Fast and Furious. It appears ABC World News would do the same thing with Diane Sawyer. (By the way Mr. Edwards covers Fast & Furious on a regular basis. Please tune into his show M-F 9PM-12AM EDT.)

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Attorney General Eric Holder testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. You’d think this would be something NATIONAL news show would report. But they ignore it like they ignored Mr. Holder’s testimony on May 3. What on earth could be more important than the attorney general testifying?

NBC Nightly News decided to talk about FEMA testing the emergency alert system….the next day. That’s right. FEMA didn’t test on Tuesday. They tested the EAS on Wednesday. The upcoming EAS TEST was more important than Mr. Holder’s testimony to the Senate. It was more important than Mr. Holder saying he wouldn’t apologize or reach out to Brian Terry’s family. No mention of how Mr. Holder flip flopped on his May 3rd testimony.

The following day NBC Nightly News also ignored Holder’s testimony. Instead Mr. Williams reported on a weight loss drug for monkeys and humans could possibly use the drug! WOOHOO! Yeah! That is so much more important than the attorney general testimony. Want to lose weight? Eat less and move around more. Since the FEMA EAS is so important Mr. Williams had to report on it and how it failed. Let’s not forget about whales causing a splash off the coast of California! All of those are way more important than Mr. Holder’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Brian Williams and puppies.

Brian Williams! A puppy!!

ABC World News is no better. According to Ms. Sawyer and ABC News a segment of quirky Q&A’s with the GOP candidates were more important than Mr. Holder’s testimony. They also had to tell us about the huge asteroid that missed us! If the asteroid did hit us I probably would have forgiven them for skipping on Mr. Holder. But it didn’t so why report on that instead of Mr. Holder refusing to apologize or reach out to Brian Terry’s family? Maybe ABC News would also run a whole show of Diane Sawyer with puppies!

Surprisingly Mr. Holder didn’t make the broadcast on November 9th. Instead Ms. Sawyer also talked about the failed FEMA EAS. Yes, that deserved a big segment. A surfer riding the biggest wave ever also deserved a mention! But Brian Terry’s family lashing out at Mr. Holder didn’t deserve a mention. Mr. Holder flip flopping on his May 3 testimony doesn’t deserve attention either. But somehow baby boomers finding love online deserved the entire last segment of the show. Absolutely no mention of Mr. Holder’s testimony. None. But here’s another picture of Diane Sawyer with her dog!

I know they have to do human interest stories like the baby boomers finding romance or whales off the shore of California. Here’s a great human interest story they should report: A fundraiser was held in honor of Brian Terry to raise funds to help his mom attend all memorials and hearings for him. That is a great story! Community and strangers coming together to help out a family.


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