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Old Media Continues To Ignore And Bury Any Fast And Furious Developments


I need to start off all my posts about Operation Fast and Furious with this statement: Thank goodness we have Sharyl Attkisson, Katie Pavlich, Matthew Boyle, and Cam Edwards. Seriously, without them Operation Fast and Furious would stay hidden. So please thank them and support them as much as you can.

December is only 14 days old and so much has happened in the Operation Fast and Furious story. However if you don’t pay attention to those reporters I mentioned earlier you wouldn’t know because the Old Media is still doing their best to ignore or bury the story. Here’s some of the developments:

Friday, December 2: Department of Justice dumps 1400 pages of documents on Congress to show why they put inaccurate information in their February 4 letter.

Wednesday, December 7: Documents show ATF wanted to use Fast and Furious to make case for gun regulations. and Senator Grassley, on the Senate floor, says it’s time for Lanny Breuer to go.

Thursday, December 8: Attorney General Eric Holder testifies in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

As of today, Tuesday, December 13, 57 members of Congress are calling for Holder’s resignation.

I am not shocked at all the media ignored Ms. Attkisson’s breaking story about the ATF using Fast and Furious to enforce more gun regulations. After all, it would be admitting all along that we were right and they were wrong. They thought we were crazy because we knew Fast and Furious was a way to put restrictions on guns, but now they’re eating their words and I bet they’re delicious! I searched the Old Media’s websites and couldn’t find anything on it. If I am wrong please let me know.

This one cannot be blamed on new media. Senator Grassley didn’t tell this to Mr. Boyle or even pen an op-ed for The Washington Times. No, he said this on the Senate floor for everyone to hear. However, the media buried the story. Only The Washington Times had it on their front page. The other major outlets posted a story about it, but you had to search for it. It wasn’t on the front page or the front page of the US and politics sections. While ABC World News and NBC Nightly News did not talk about it on their programs, the ABC and MSNBC websites did post the AP story.

[youtube 19Wmk_O5QXM]

Just like the previous stories the media buried Mr. Holder’s testimony on the 8th. Most just copied and pasted the AP story, but something like this, especially with the tense questioning from Darrell Issa, deserves to be covered. Matthew Boyle from The Daily Caller had numerous articles about the testimony to make sure all areas were covered. More than Operation Fast and Furious were covered, but the media knows they can’t edit out parts of the testimony so you might as well just write a vague piece. It’s as if to say to us, “See? We did cover it!”

Still nothing from the media about all the people calling for Holder to resign.

This is beyond pathetic. It’s just awful. They’ll never learn, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Keep emailing and calling them! One day they will be forced to give this story proper reporting. But when they do remember to remind them the ones who have been on it since the beginning.


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