Saturday Morning Crib Sheet: O'Donnell's Office Romance, Lauer Scores Obama Superbowl Interview

– Google joins the censorship fun at the request of repressive governments.

– If only outlets reacted this way when the issue isn’t editing an image into a frog, but rather manipulating or omitting facts to convince the reader of an illogical narrative. NPPA president: Sacramento Bee photo manipulation a ‘betrayal.’

Komen denies that activist media (and the hacking of its website and other related liberal bullying) had anything to do with its reverse decision.

– NYP reports Lawrence O’Donnell is having himself an office romance with Tamron Hall.

Matt Lauer scores the Obama Superbowl interview. There were rumors of a testy rivalry between Lauer and Brian Williams for the Q & A.

The story behind the Komen scoop:

When Dallas Morning News reporter Tom Benning called a Susan G. Komen for the Cure spokeswoman Friday morning, he got a heads up that something big was about to break.

“I literally called the person who was sending out the press release two minutes before she sent it,” said Benning, who was calling for updates onKomen’s decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. “I was on the phone with her, and before I could even get a question out, she said, ‘Hold on, we’re about to send out something that you’re going to want to see.'”

Twitter creates an account for election 2012 aimed at journalists.

– Dave Weigel notes a shrinking TV presence at Gingrich events: