Wednesday Morning Crib Sheet: Progressive Tolerance, Reporter Arrested At Romney Event

Joan Walsh and Jon Lovett’s bigoted attack on Romney’s faith.

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm joins Politico.

– Entitled reporter gets herself arrested when she tries to leave media filing center to listen to Romney’s speech, instead of staying with the other press like she’s supposed to do.

Milblogging goes mainstream:

During a town-hall-style meeting with President George W. Bush in 2006, a military spouse spoke of the negative news coverage of the war in Iraq.  Her husband, a military broadcast journalist, had produced hours of video of reconstruction work, none of which had seen the light of day in the mainstream media.  President Bush suggested that blogs might host images of troops helping to rebuild the war-torn nation, perhaps unaware that the Pentagon’s ham-fisted social media policies were snuffing out the diligent efforts of American troops.

– From Tina Korbe: Journal defends publication of an “after birth abortion” article. “After birth abortion?” Isn’t that what they call “homicide.”

James Murdoch resigns.

The best of the Internet, offline:

Lim Cheng Soon’s story defies convention. It’s a story about the value of curation, the value of community, and, for some, the lasting value of print.

Lim is addicted to Hacker News, the popular social news site, and he wanted to solve his own problem of information overload — “to be able to go offline [entirely] and not to miss out,” he says. So he decided to start gathering up some of the most popular posts from the site and printing them in a magazine he calledHacker Monthly.


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