Mainstream Media Still Ignoring Fast and Furious

Mainstream Media Still Ignoring Fast and Furious

There were some pretty big developments in the Fast & Furious story last week. Speaker John Boehner threw his full support behind the Oversight Committee’s investigation. The entire GOP Leadership in the House sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to comply with the subpoena. Where was the Old Media? Deflecting or ignoring as usual.

I did a search on the New York Times webpage and couldn’t find anything on these developments. I’m starting to think they’ve given up on this. They won’t answer my emails or phone calls.

The Washington Post reprinted the AP article, which was absolutely dreadful (more on that below).

I didn’t see anything on MSNBC TV or their website. But then again their website is a maze. They did talk a lot about gay marriage though!

CNN’s article on the developments was very good. Deirdre Walsh even mentioned that six freshmen representatives pressured the GOP Leadership to move ahead with the contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder.

I’m shocked Politico reported it and did a decent job. However, it might be because on May 11 they published an article that morning about GOP Leadership wanting to move slow regarding any action against Mr. Holder. Unfortunately for them Speaker Boehner later that same day came out in full support of the Oversight investigation. Whoops!

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise when I say Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams didn’t report on these developments. Apparently the eclipse we’re going to have is more important than any developments in a case that involves the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Once again the Associated Press was caught with their heads in the sand when it comes to Operation Fast & Furious developments. In this case they should have kept their heads in the sand. They didn’t even put forth half an effort–ot’s almost as if they threw something together so when asked about it, they can point to something.

The AP completely ignored the fact that Speaker John Boehner threw his full support behind the investigation.

Speaker Boehner made those remarks on May 11. They sent the letter on May 18. The article they published the same day is titled, “Boehner: All options on table in gun-running probe.” That’s basically all they say in the first two very short paragraphs, despite that statement happening a week before. Instead, the story that actually happened on the date of publication received a one-sentence paragraph stating the leadership had sent a letter to Mr. Holder. The last paragraph said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Mr. Holder isn’t in contempt.

Give us all a break, AP. But then again, their Fast & Furious coverage has been awful since the beginning, so it may be a little too much to ask them to start acting like a proper news organization and report the story as it happens.

It’s also amazing how the AP doesn’t think this is a big deal. I hate having to remind them that there are victims attached to this operation. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans have lost their lives. That should be mentioned in every article in order to remind everyone why this case is serious.

I know the mainstream media won’t give Fast & Furious the proper coverage, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop calling them out!


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