Breitbart Awards Honor Andrew's Legacy In Journalism, Blogging & Citizen Activism

Breitbart Awards Honor Andrew's Legacy In Journalism, Blogging & Citizen Activism

Although Andrew Breitbart was an irreplacable fighter for conservative values, his tragic passing has led to a passing of the torch for battle he believed in so passionately. The latest honor to keep Andrew’s name and work alive is an awards dinner from The Heritage Foundation and The Franklin Center.

Rob Bluey of The Heritage Foundation told me:

“The Heritage Foundation and The Franklin Center want to recognize Andrew’s contribution to journalism, blogging and activism and we’re excited to be able to launch The Breitbart Awards at the Future of Journalism conference in June.”

The honors will be given in three categories that are well thought out to honor three main areas of Andrew’s legacy: full-time professional journalism; the new media frontier; and bold citizen action by conservatives. Nominations for these awards are currently being accepted at and must be submitted by May 25th.

As the website explains the awards:

Full-time Reporter: In a media environment that tells reporters to go along to get along, a few still consider it a sacred trust to keep the people informed. A few still recognize the awesome responsibility in belonging to the only profession to be enshrined in the Bill of Rights. We’ll present one Breitbart Award to a full-time news reporter to honor courage and honesty in telling the real stories that matter to people’s lives.

Blogger: When the legacy media fails to do its job, we are fortunate to have an army waiting on the Internet to hold the institutions of power accountable. We’ll honor a blogger for intrepid reporting that goes over the heads of the legacy media to communicate directly to the people.

Citizen: The fight for freedom requires a constant stream of new recruits willing to make time in their lives to serve as watchdogs in their local communities. We’ll honor an information activist committed to digging up the truth.


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