NYT Columnist Blow Condescends to Michelle Malkin

NYT Columnist Blow Condescends to Michelle Malkin

This morning, New York Times columnist Charles Blow announced on Twitter that he was “considering dramatic reduction in my social media presence.” Blow, an ultra-liberal, none-too-coherent commentator on events who once suggested that Mitt Romney “stick it in his magic underwear” and called the Tea Partiers “teaklanners,” said that he wanted to get back to writing rather than Tweeting.

Michelle Malkin immediately tweeted back: “DLTDHYOTWO!” Which is the acronym for “Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!”

And Blow responded:

This would be hilarious were it not so typical of the elitist media, which sees all non-liberals as irrelevant. Malkin has almost six times as many Twitter followers as Blow. She has several bestselling books, and she’s a regular presence on TV. Blow, meanwhile, has a column in the Times that intelligent people use as a punchline in regular conversation.

So long as New York Times columnists can dismiss their betters with a few words, simply because they’re Times columnists, the Times will lose readers faster than Blow loses arguments.


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