David Brock's War on Religion

David Brock's War on Religion

We’ve reported on the rank anti-semitism at David Brock’s Media Matters for America. We’ve also reported on Media Matters’ war on Christians – which is likely based on Christians’ loyal support for Israel. Heck, they’ve even sprinkled in some Islamophobia on occasion. The bulk of their obsession, though, has been attacking religions on the Judeo-Christian side of the spectrum.

In fact, when Brock founded Media Matters, the group specifically mentioned part of its purpose was to combat “Christian influence” in the media. Oh, sure, they don’t actually say that on their public website, as the video below explains, but that’s what they told the IRS in order to get their 501(c)(3) status.

It appears Brock’s war on religion – again, mainly on Christianity and Judaism – isn’t confined to his “watchdog” organization. The Soros-funded SuperPAC – shocker! – American Bridge 21st Century, founded by David Brock, seems to be another vehicle for Brock’s attacks. While Media Matters allegedly “corrects” the nebulous “conservative misinformation” in the media, American Bridge focuses on Republican candidates in particular.

American Bridge boasts that it goes around “tracking” Republican candidates. In researching their antics, an obvious trend emerges. Of all the campaigns / races to track, there seems to be a specific focus on candidates who are openly religiously affiliated. When the candidates’ religious affiliation isn’t as noticeably linked, American Bridge doesn’t really take as much interest in their candidacy.

As you can see, by an almost 9:1 margin, candidates who were openly associated with their religion were “tracked,” whereas those who weren’t as clear in their religious affiliations didn’t get nearly as much attention. Now let’s break that down further by specific religion.

As we know, ObamaCare’s attacks on religious liberty have caused an uproar among Catholics specifically. Catholic organizations are fighting back and, coincidentally, David Brock’s SuperPAC is going after Catholic politicians more than any other group. Recently, American Bridge formed a joint fundraising committee with another pro-Obama SuperPAC called Priorities USA. Priorities USA is run by former Obama Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Burton. But all those connections to Obama’s White House and ObamaCare are simply coincidences.

Given Brock’s insider status, it’s hard to reconcile his various organizations’ apparent obsession with attacking religion – again, mainly Christianity and Judaism – with the notion that he isn’t influencing policy at the highest levels of government. Or maybe Brock’s war on religion is simply an unspoken plank within the Democratic Party and leftist movement?

Will we at Breitbart News be the only ones asking these questions or will the “mainstream” media do their jobs?


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