Huntsman Daughter Slams Palin, Republicans on CNN

Huntsman Daughter Slams Palin, Republicans on CNN

Jon Huntsman’s daughter, Abby, has only one qualification to talk vapidly about politics: her relationship with her father, the former governor of Utah and Obama’s Ambassador to China, who ran a miserable and failed campaign in which he pandered like a sycophant to those in the mainstream media elite he considered his betters. Nonetheless, Abby was on CNN this morning and snidely slammed former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Republicans.

CNN, with its record low ratings, has people like the mini-Huntsman on solely to use her as a useful idiot. And Abby, like a moth to a flame, knowingly plays the role of the useful fool just to get face time in an attempt to be the Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian of political punditry — being a famous political media figure for contributing absolutely nothing of use. Unless you consider sex tapes useful. In which case, she’s not even as qualified as those two. 

CNN’s host showed the Hunstman daughter a clip of her dad introducing Palin at the 2008 Republican National Convention, something he so enthusiastically wanted to do even though he was deathly sick.

Huntsman told the panel — in a clip captured by Mediaite —  that the clip was one of her dad’s “least favorite clips” and snidely remarked that that was the first and last time Huntsman has even mentioned Palin, to the laughter of the other panelists, which included the liberal Ryan Lizza and the Rockefeller Republican, Will Cain. 

The Huntsman daughter then commented on her dad’s refusal to attend the Republican convention, saying Republicans do not like him because Huntsman is bold and was a leader. 

The Huntsman daughter then predicted the party would move in Huntsman’s direction in the future.

Child, please. 

Huntsman had a conservative fiscal plan during the primaries. Huntsman, in many respects, was more conservative than McCain.

His record while he was governor of Utah was more conservative than those of other Republican governors, including Mitt Romney. He even had new media maestros like Tim Miller and James Richardson on his staff who would have enabled him to capitalize on any momentum he would have gotten if his campaign had been run differently. 

Why did he fail so miserably then? 

The reason conservatives, and many Republicans, loathe him and never took him seriously during the primaries is because he ran a campaign that focused on lecturing, loathing, and being ashamed of conservatives in a party, according to Gallup, whose members are increasingly identifying themselves as being more conservative. In essence, he tried to out-McCain McCain by running a campaign in which he tried to make the conservative-loathing mainstream media his base. 

Having miserably failed in this endeavor while destroying his future in the Republican Party, those around Huntsman have even floated around the idea in recent months that he would carpetbag New York City and run for mayor. Huntsman has also taken refuge among his fellow liberal elites as a fellow at the liberal Brookings Institution. 

Unfortunately for conservative bashers like Huntsman and McCain, the apple never falls far from the tree, and the mainstream media is all too quick to pounce on their offspring and use them as weapons to try to hurt conservatives.

And because the vapid, conservative hating, narcissistic Meghan McCain is an MSNBC contributor, CNN has to attempt to train Abby into being the brunette version of mini-McCain. 

Huntsman became a laughingstock in the 2012 primaries because he tried to cater to the CNN elite. CNN, by hyping the likes of Huntsman, his daughter, and David Frum, is failing miserably in the ratings race because the network reeks of elitism and is out of touch virtually all conservatives. 

Yet neither CNN nor Jon Huntsman seems to realize that they are both hurt the more people like Abby talk. 

In the end, the joke’s on CNN and Huntsman. 


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